Welcome on board Alessandro!


Let us introduce you the latest member of the Enjore team: Alessandro Giagnoli, our new Web Marketing Specialist. Besides working on Seo and Web Marketing strategies for many years, Alessandro teaches these subjects at the university level (Roma Tre University and Scuola Universitaria Europea del Turismo).

D. Alessandro, tell us something about you!

Alessandro: I like working in the web industry and with its opportunities. I’m married with four children. I have been working as a freelance for years and collaborated with several companies such as IKEA Italia and Carta Si, by looking after their Seo strategies.

D. Tell us something about your choice to join Enjore.

Alessandro: Nicola (Enjore Ceo) was looking for a Web Marketing Specialist on the Facebook group Indigeni Digitali. I contacted him because the idea of working in a young startup really appealed to me. Moreover, I wanted to work for only one company and have more autonomy in decision making, instead of looking after more than one customer and wasting too much resources. Enjore is then my solution. Furthermore, position requirements included the ability to play table football… and I’m very good at it J.

D. Do you think the Web is changing? How can Enjore take advantage of its opportunities?

Alessandro: I believe the Web Marketing is changing in terms of quality. The web marketing assessment standards are changing too. In my opinion, this phenomenon is very positive. Until a short time ago, you could handle a strategy in an impromptu manner. Now, you can’t. Many companies did invest in web marketing without having a profit. In some cases, they even didn’t know how to measure their financial performance. Today, the web marketing is a kind of ecosystem in which every member has specific skills. For this reason, when I first met the Enjore team, I was pleasantly surprised. Each member of the staff is responsible for specific functions, from usability to programming and from web and app solutions to the multilingual customer service. I’ve never met a team like this. Not even in the companies I have been working for over the last few years, which are very big.

D. As you know, Enjore is a multi-device platform whose objective is to simplify the management of sports competitions. What are your impressions about Enjore if you compare it with your previous work experiences?

Alessandro: The dynamics are always the same, there is a demand and a supply. When the demand is latent, it is necessary to find a channel to make it emerge. This has always been the marketing’s function. But let me say that what I like most is working on the management of sports competitions (or competitions in general, such as Fifa and Pes), which represent a stimulating, resourceful world.

Nothing left to say but… Welcome on board Alessandro!