How to organize a sports tournament

League Manager

Managing a tournament, regardless of the type of competition, requires a lot of time, energies, dedication and organizational skills.

The objective of this article is to give you some advice in order to make it easier to organize a sports tournament.


  1. Advertise your tournament. By doing so, you can get in touch with participants more easily.
  2. Determine the period of the tournament and choose the sports facilities which best meet your needs.
  3. Make an estimate of the costs required to organize and manage your tournament. Find some sponsors to help cover the costs, such as the rental of sports facilities, the purchase of sports equipment and the allocation of awards. You can also give supporters some gadgets, thus increasing their involvement in your tournament. You must give your sponsors full visibility, even providing them with advertising spaces on the pages of your tournament.
  4. If your tournament requires a subscription fee, plan how you can collect money. By doing so, you will be able to offer participants a quality service.
  5. Before the beginning of the tournament, especially if it is a long one, it is advisable to plan your work in detail and share out tasks among individuals. Choose a reliable person to manage teams and schedules.
  6. Make sure the matches results are constantly updated so that people can view real-time tables. Remember that viewing tables is a necessary activity for teams and a delightful pastime for supporters.
  7. Promote your tournament on social networks to give participants and supporters the possibility to interact. It is essential to give fans the possibility to express their ideas and opinions, judge the matches and the players’ performances, upload photos or videos. Social networks are very useful to share any important information about the tournament.

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