Teams and shields databases


Dear Enjorer,
Here you are 2 new features!

There are now available 2 databases:

  • Shields database
  • Teams database

Once you have created your football tournament/championship and added your teams’ names, you can add your team shield by uploading the image from your pc or from our database.

Furthermore, if your teams have the same names as teams taking part in official leagues, when you add them, you can decide whether to import them (name and shield) directly from our database.

Our database includes the names and shields of teams playing in the Serie A, Serie B and the Champions League for the season 2014/2015. We are now working to include in our database other countries’ leagues.

We want to create a database including FIFA 2015 and PES 2015 players  in order to simplify the creation of these kinds of tournaments.

Thanks to these new features, your shields will have a perfect resolution and you won’t have to waste your time by searching for and downloading pictures from the Internet.

Stay tuned!

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