Habemus Android!

Enjore Android

After 9 months (pretty much a pregnancy) from the launch of the Enjore iOS App, the long awaited Android App has finally came. Thanks to this new application, also the tens of thousands of Android users will be able to follow their tournaments while they’re on the move. Together with the continuous improvements that enhance our platform and our users experience, this application is another important step forward towards the expansion of the Enjore community.

Here you are the features of the Android App:

  • Search for tournaments
  • View Tables for Teams and Players
  • View Schedules
  • View Matches
  • Lists of Teams and Players
  • Comment on the Matches
  • Vote the Players’ performances
  • Upload the tournaments’ photos
  • Photo Galleries

The next step is to allow organizers to manage their tournaments while they’re on the move and in real time. And there’s more on the way!

Our dream is to transform Enjore into the biggest community of sportspersons and videogamers in the world. Thanks to your support, day after day, this dream is becoming reality.

Thank you all. Stay tuned!

Download the App!

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