Enjore – “Enjoy the Score”, the blog!

Enjoy the score

Dear Enjorers, here you are the Enjore Blog!!

If you are wondering why We are launching again the blog after having already published an article, the answer is easy: that was the post number zero in which we celebrated our first year. Let’s start from here.

This blog will be a meeting place where to share our tournaments’ experiences and vicissitudes. It is open to everybody: organizers, sportspersons, videogamers and NERDS. Yes, NERDS are even on Enjore… a NERD on Enjore? We don’t know if we can call them that. But, how would you call a user who uploads 12.000 players and their photos for a FIFA 14 tournament? Many interesting  and funny stories have cheered us up during our work days. That’s why we have decided to gather them here.

In this blog there will also be a “practical guide” to give organizers the possibility to take advantage of Enjore’s features. By doing so, we will contribute, all together, to improve the experiences of every single tournament.

Talk to you soon!

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