Have we already told you about Enjore PRO Manager?

We have listened to our customers, tried to meet their main needs.

That’s how we have created Enjore PRO Manager.

Since Enjore was born, we have told you many stories. Enjore is a software trying to maximize the job of the tournament organizer.

In these years, we have received a lot of requests and we have transformed them into reality (the Android and iOS Apps, for example). We have always tried our best to improve our products by taking into account the suggestions of our most reliable experts: tournament organizers.

We have realized how difficult it is for them to solve their organizational problems. That’s why they need really advanced tools. We have talked with them, we have listened to them, we have taken notes of what they do need and studied every aspect of their suggestions.

Today, the result of such an effort has got a name: Enjore PRO Manager.

What is Enjore PRO Manager?

It’s the first web platform offering advanced league management tools under a tailored website (including iOS and Android Apps). It manages several aspects of a tournament, such as:

  • Memberships
  • Medical certificates
  • Referee appointments
  • Detailed match reports
  • Statements
  • Playing field bookings
  • Accounting
  • Sponsors

What organizers do need is a tailored website designed to manage the organizational aspects of their competitions. Furthermore, they need to communicate news about their activities thus increasing engagement among players and fans. They also need to upload photos and videos to promote their events and boost their social networking activities. And, last but not least, they really want to increase their sponsors’ visibility.

Since organizing and managing a tournament is always a complex activity, the tools offered by Enjore PRO Manager are extremely easy to use and allow organizers to work in full autonomy.