Connect the player to your user profile

Link user-player

It was on our agenda. Many of you have asked for it. Finally, we have pleased you.

Now you can connect a player’s career to your user profile.
The player’s career includes all information and statistics concerning the tournaments you took part in.

The button to request to be connected to a player is in the player profile page. Your request must be accepted by the tournament’s administrator. On your profile menu the “career” page will appear.

This new feature is still in progress. Within the next weeks, the career page will be improved in order to make it easier for users to interact and communicate within the Enjore community.

Let us know who plays most competitions, scores most goals, plays most FIFA and PES matches, scores most points in a basketball game!

What are you waiting for? If you have already signed up, connect your user profile to “your” player (even if the tournaments you took part in are over). Or…sign up!

Enjoy the score!